• Graphics Digitizing…Experts Enjoy Creating Your Imaginations

    The designs of embroidery are made in vector form using designs and graphics. Vector art allows you to resize the structure without losing quality and you can import a bitmap image as a template in desktop and background. Using program graphics, you can use graphics digitizing to create a design with all objects such as: parameters, stitches, and background images etc.

    Embroidery designs, Digitized Embroidery Designs, digital embossing digitizing and customizing, embroidery with online digital graphics is available at our place.

    Graphics Digitizing…Experts Enjoy Creating Your Imaginations

    Custom Embroidery Digitizing has adjustable parameters such as digital density, random expansion, fill pattern, color, substrate type, and so on, allowing the user to make special effects and adjust the embroidery design to some type of material.

    The advanced features listed below can be used in embroidery building modules and some vector image modules.

    1. Consistent selection of Graphics Design with Advanced Digital Objects.

    2. Converting selected raster image into vector objects.

    3. Filling vector objects with stitches.

    Advanced Features /Digitizing/Design 

    Graphics Design is a tool for embroidery that allows the user to make 200 x 200 cm of embroidery and one more thing allows graphics to export a SVG file as well as embroidery. (Scalable vector graphic) such as Corel Draw and other graphics programs.

    The tracking tool allows you to convert a raster image into a vector design without manual redrawing. The tool works in several steps. Import and convert vector graphics to embroidery.

    ·         We specialize in doing embroidery patches, woven patches, key ring patches. Sublimation patches, Vector and digitizing with over 14 years experience!

    ·         We provide quick turn around on quality products at a competitive price.

    ·         Our designing depart has 15 digitizers and artist. Which allow us finish all orders within 24hours or less?

    ·         We take 1-3days for sample. Even faster if rush order required.

    ·         We can do rush orders without extra cost!


    Embroidery programs, like texturing, are a royal discipline. Personal textiles have always been embroidered with monograms, emblems, etc. Embroidery gives the piece of textiles a unique look and makes it a representative gift item, making embroidery more and more in demand.

    Nowadays, everyone can afford the luxury of embroidery and patches. For smaller graphics, the cost of embroidering is comparable to the cost of printing. Embroidery is possible with up to 15 colors simultaneously. We can also embroider very complicated graphics with a maximum size of 40x40cm.

    With the application of embroidery and patches, any product will gain added value and therefore embroidery is becoming increasingly in demand. We can produce a graphic design for the customer, or process the already delivered customer. According to the graphic template, we will create a program for the embroidery machine and sew the test sample. Orders are not limited by minimum collection, our machinery is adapted to both serial and piece production.

    The person making the design is known as an embroidery digitizer or puncher. The digitizer uses software to create an object Digital Embroidery Designs that can be easily reshaped and edited. These files store important information such as object outlines, thread colors, and original artwork used to punch designs. When a file is converted to a stitch file, it loses most of that information, making editing difficult or impossible.

    Software vendors often advertise auto-punch or auto-capture features. However, if high-quality embroidery is necessary, industry experts highly recommend either buying solid designs from reputable digitizers, or getting training on solid digitization techniques.

    Production time depending on quantities .but as always we will try to meet customer’s time.

    Please kindly send art for free quote if you have interest at…Sales@graphicsdigitizing.com 

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