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    Graphics digitizing design a logo, website, brochure, business card, or even a newsletter for your wishes. In addition, the service range includes book folding and cover design and poster design Logo. The company has a memorable and corporate logo. It helps to distinguish itself from other companies and create awareness. On the Works page you can see some of the logos that we have designed.


    Graphic look


    The graphic expression is briefly described as the company looks outward. In addition to the logo, it also defines, for example, the layout of the brochure, web pages, business cards, magazines and tapes. When these are unified and reflect the company's operations (and perhaps even the values) as well as possible, it is easier to differentiate from the competitors.


    Also, every time you make a magazine announcement, you do not need to reinvent the wheel, but use the thought-out base and idea.


    If necessary, more detailed Graphics digitizing instructions can be compiled on these issues.



    Web pages


    Currently, we build the latest page projects mainly on WordPress. There are various add-ons available for sites such as: improves site usability and functionality.


    Customers can take care of updating the pages themselves if they do not need any special programs, but they do so through an internet browser.




    The brochures can be of many Graphics designs, the most common sizes are A5 either 2- or 4-page (folded) or 99 x 210 mm 2 or 6-page, either in the form of a hawk or envelope.


    We will be happy to tell you more about these different options, always considering the intended use and content. Small amounts can be printed on high-quality brochure paper on this spot.



    Business Cards


    Even if everything turns into a digital one, the traditional business cards are still being asked. They can also be designed to take into account the needs of the company, such as the space behind the barber's hairdresser's card, etc.


    We offer for business cards include their design, printing 100 and shipping costs. Ask for other rates and for example a two-sided option.


    Other design products


    These have also come over the years:


    • labels
    • Newsletters (Newspapers & Magazines)
    • Book layout, book covers
    • Posters
    • Invitations, thank you cards, greeting cards
    • Concert tickets
    • Postcards, Christmas Cards
    • Rollup
    • Exhibition Stands
    • Info Signs
    • Additional service
    • You also get server space, domain hosts, and emails.


    How to get started:


    If / when you like, it will continue to be edited so that the customer is satisfied with the outcome. In a larger page, it is good to spend a little more time on advance planning so that the project progresses more smoothly. It is possible to make so-called websites.

    Please contact us by form, email at Sales@graphicsdigitizing.com or call 91-9980007501. We will ask you for information on how to make a bid, at the same time clarifying your wishes for work. We are making a bid that specifies the amount of work involved. If you accept the offer, we will begin by asking you more specific questions, such as wishes about the colors to be used, etc. On the basis of these wishes we will make the first drafts, usually from 6-8 designs, 3-4 different web pages, etc

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