• Embroidery enables you to have professional looks that help spruce up the work uniforms and team shirts along with school uniforms. It is also in fashion and the trends show how both the young and the old are consuming such designs in large numbers. If you are looking at Birds embroidery designs, you will be amazed at the number of styles that are in place. Embroidery is mostly about stitching designs onto the shirts and apparel. The finish of these designs is world class, Big Bold Beautiful.

    Most Digital embroidery Artwork designs help create impressions through quality and style. These are long lasting and involve the use of full color designs. Some of the best advantages of embroidery designs are listed below:

    A Custom Embroidery Digitizing will help create uniqueness that often enables the wearer to show their choices in style. Done on caps, polo neck shirts and even trousers, most embroidery designs can be quite distinctive from piece to piece.

    The 3 Advantages of Digital Embroidery Designs

    If you have an embroidery on a shirt, it will be able to advertise your name or even your business name. Many of us wear embroidered logos on their clothes. This helps in creating a name in the business. If an employee wears an embroidered shirt, he or she will send a message about the company and the work they do.

    3 Types of Skull Embroidery Designs to Be Incorporated Into Your Style

    Skull themed designs have been there for ages and just like the roses, feathers and tribal patterns, they are a staple in every embroidery expert’s arsenal. Getting orders for skull designs are in everyone’s library.

    Skulls are usually associated with various symbolic significance, commonly death and mortality. However, Skulls can also be used to symbolize other things including:

    ·         Protection

    ·         Strength

    ·         Power

    ·         Overcoming Death

    ·         Overcoming a tough time

    ·         A change in life from the past           

    What Do They Mean?

    Skull embroidery designs can be used on clothes, jackets, or even dresses to represent many things, such as a symbol or memorial for a loved one who has passed away.

    Flaunt your skull design on your shirt with style or use it to let everyone know that you have overcome death or a dark time with an unclear future. Otherwise, it can simply be used to represent an interesting design without a deep meaning behind it.

    Let us look at some skull ideas that you can incorporate on your embroidery projects.

    Feminine Skull Designs

    It is not necessary that all skulls designs need to be masculine or demonic. You can opt for a feminine design instead. Feminine skulls are usually digitized based on the shades of pink and purple. Some designs have their eye sockets replaced with hearts to make it look a bit light hearted yet elegant at the same time.

    Sugar Skull Design

    Many popular holidays such as all soul’s day, all saint’s day and day of the dead holidays are represented with masked skulls such as sugar skulls. You can get skull designs embroidery on your clothes to be worn and roam all around as part of the celebration.

    Decorated Skull Design

    Skulls can be decorated with different things such as something meaningful, numbers, thoughts or emotions. Such as white, yellow or red rose that represents something different.

    Finally, quality embroidery work is very durable and very hard wearing. It can withstand many washes. A design you can be proud of and wear for years to come.

    If you are looking for embroidery design in your machine format across the World then go to our website www.graphicsdigitizing.com and SHOP now!!

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  • The designs of embroidery are made in vector form using designs and graphics. Vector art allows you to resize the structure without losing quality and you can import a bitmap image as a template in desktop and background. Using program graphics, you can use graphics digitizing to create a design with all objects such as: parameters, stitches, and background images etc.

    Embroidery designs, Digitized Embroidery Designs, digital embossing digitizing and customizing, embroidery with online digital graphics is available at our place.

    Graphics Digitizing…Experts Enjoy Creating Your Imaginations

    Custom Embroidery Digitizing has adjustable parameters such as digital density, random expansion, fill pattern, color, substrate type, and so on, allowing the user to make special effects and adjust the embroidery design to some type of material.

    The advanced features listed below can be used in embroidery building modules and some vector image modules.

    1. Consistent selection of Graphics Design with Advanced Digital Objects.

    2. Converting selected raster image into vector objects.

    3. Filling vector objects with stitches.

    Advanced Features /Digitizing/Design 

    Graphics Design is a tool for embroidery that allows the user to make 200 x 200 cm of embroidery and one more thing allows graphics to export a SVG file as well as embroidery. (Scalable vector graphic) such as Corel Draw and other graphics programs.

    The tracking tool allows you to convert a raster image into a vector design without manual redrawing. The tool works in several steps. Import and convert vector graphics to embroidery.

    ·         We specialize in doing embroidery patches, woven patches, key ring patches. Sublimation patches, Vector and digitizing with over 14 years experience!

    ·         We provide quick turn around on quality products at a competitive price.

    ·         Our designing depart has 15 digitizers and artist. Which allow us finish all orders within 24hours or less?

    ·         We take 1-3days for sample. Even faster if rush order required.

    ·         We can do rush orders without extra cost!


    Embroidery programs, like texturing, are a royal discipline. Personal textiles have always been embroidered with monograms, emblems, etc. Embroidery gives the piece of textiles a unique look and makes it a representative gift item, making embroidery more and more in demand.

    Nowadays, everyone can afford the luxury of embroidery and patches. For smaller graphics, the cost of embroidering is comparable to the cost of printing. Embroidery is possible with up to 15 colors simultaneously. We can also embroider very complicated graphics with a maximum size of 40x40cm.

    With the application of embroidery and patches, any product will gain added value and therefore embroidery is becoming increasingly in demand. We can produce a graphic design for the customer, or process the already delivered customer. According to the graphic template, we will create a program for the embroidery machine and sew the test sample. Orders are not limited by minimum collection, our machinery is adapted to both serial and piece production.

    The person making the design is known as an embroidery digitizer or puncher. The digitizer uses software to create an object Digital Embroidery Designs that can be easily reshaped and edited. These files store important information such as object outlines, thread colors, and original artwork used to punch designs. When a file is converted to a stitch file, it loses most of that information, making editing difficult or impossible.

    Software vendors often advertise auto-punch or auto-capture features. However, if high-quality embroidery is necessary, industry experts highly recommend either buying solid designs from reputable digitizers, or getting training on solid digitization techniques.

    Production time depending on quantities .but as always we will try to meet customer’s time.

    Please kindly send art for free quote if you have interest at…Sales@graphicsdigitizing.com 

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  • Creative Business Dedicated To Delivering Exceptional Vector Art

    We use Ink scape that is an open source Vector Graphics editor, similar to programs like Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, or Xara X. Supported SVG capabilities include shapes, paths, text, tags, cloning, transparency, resizing, color gradients, patterns, and grouping. Ink scape also supports Creative commons meta-data, node editing, layers, complex curve operations, bitmap tracing, curve text, direct XML editing, and much more. Ink scape is able to import formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF and more. It can also export PNG as well as many vector formats. For documents, it uses the Scalable vector graphics (SVG) standardized by the W3C consortium. Ink scape runs on GNU / Linux and is regularly ported to MS Windows, Mac OS X, and unofficially for FreeBSD. The toolkit used is GTK, just like the Gimp raster.

    SVG stands for Scalable vector graphics. It is a portable XML-based vector graphics format. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a markup language and file format that describes two-dimensional vector graphics using XML. The SVG format should in the future become the basic open format for vector graphics on the Internet. While for raster graphics there are enough formats on the Internet (eg GIF, PNG and JPEG), the open vector format was missing on the Internet.

    SVG defines the basic types of Vector art:-

    ·         vector shapes (vector graphic shapes - rectangle, circle, ellipse, line, polyline, polygon, and polyline)

    ·         raster images

    ·         text objects

    These objects can be grouped, formatted with CSS attributes or styles, and positioned using generic spatial transformations. SVG also supports object trimming, alpha masking, interactivity, image filtering (convolution, displacement mapping, etc…) and animation. However, not all SVG browsers can do all of these properties.

    How to view SVG

    This format has native support in browsers such as Mozilla and Konqueror, and you need to have a plug-in installed, such as Adobe, for free in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Microsoft Internet Explorer partially supports SVG format since version 9.

    Vector based graphics are used, as I mentioned in this article, to create logos and graphic designs for printers. In addition to creating large-format prints, business cards, flags, printing promotional items and materials, T-shirts and much more.

    Unlike raster (bitmap) graphics, vector graphics work with curves, which are calculated when zooming, so the image remains sharp at the highest magnification. For demonstration, you can click on the logo below and enlarge it as you wish (scroll with the Ctrl key). You will find that it has not changed even at the greatest magnification it is still one and the same picture.

    Gimp is a top-notch and very popular bitmap editor with partial vector graphics support. With its tools and features, it will match commercial and professional raster editors. Gimp is an open source program, freely distributable under the GPL, which is a great advantage. Originally, this application was developed primarily for the Linux operating system, but is currently also available for Windows, Apple Mac, and more.

    The capabilities of this program are very decent; in some areas it is comparable to Adobe Photoshop. It is especially suitable for working and editing photos, creating collages and also for creating graphic elements for websites. Of course there is work with layers, channels, curves, it offers many advanced options for selection and drawing tools, it contains a lot of well-known filters and scripts.

    In the world of Vector based graphics, GIMP is an indispensable editor, especially for users who refuse to pay a few thousand for Adobe Photoshop, which has essentially the same functionality. Gimp is constantly being developed and updated; the latest stable version bears the label 2.2.11. The great advantage of GIMP is that it is offered free of charge, making it a competitor to many graphical editors not only for Linux operating systems.

    Through SVG, most of the available SVG filters can be applied to Ink scape drawings, resulting in an almost unlimited number of effects. Ink scape also includes dozens of scripts designed to ease work, generate objects, change their properties, and so on.

    For more information drop us a mail at: Sales@graphicsdigitizing.com

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  • Looking for a permanent form of original presentation or original gift?

    Before digitizing, you need to carefully analyze and plan individual design shapes. Shapes must be clearly defined so that they can be easily embroidered. Optimum shapes have a relatively constant width, smooth edges, no sharp corners and no too small, protruding details.

    Looking for a permanent form of original presentation or original gift? We can realize your ideas with the help of modern and efficient technology for applying logos, texts and motifs to textiles. The pattern is embroidered directly on textile goods and becomes an integral part of it. The embroidery fits and is used for most types of textile materials. The motif can be embroidered on a single part or already finished textile.

    If you're not experienced in Custom Embroidery Digitizing, don't use complex illustrations. Possible sources for appropriate illustrations are:

    ·         Embroidery pattern books and children's fairy tale books.

    ·         Business cards, postcards and wrapping paper.

    ·         Clip art libraries for your text or graphics program.

    ·         Internet or CD clip art library.

    ·         Samples in Easy Design folder

    ·         Own illustrations - e.g. children's drawings.

    There are two basic modes of design in Easy Design:

    ·         Graphic: This mode allows you to create or edit graphic designs using CorelDraw® Essentials.

    ·         Embroidery: This mode allows you to create and edit embroidery designs using embroidery digitization tools.

    When transforming an illustration into embroidery, you follow shapes and lines using digitizing or "input" methods. It's possible to Digitized Embroidery Designs with automatic conversion and customizes the details with our Digitizing services.

    Where to use embroidery?

    ·         Work wear

    ·         Club signs, range for fans

    ·         Clothing - bathrobes, shirts, hats, trousers, jackets, ties…

    ·         Textiles - bathrobes, dishcloths, potholders, aprons, blankets, curtains…

    ·         Overalls, leather jackets

    ·         Handbags, backpacks

    ·         Car seat covers

    ·         Dog suits, lairs

    ·         Notebook, tablet, cellphone covers




    Do you have a creative spirit and like to wear unique pieces? Our shop offers you the opportunity to design original clothes. We offer the possibility of printing T-shirts, sweatshirts and half-shirts. You can edit pre-made images or insert your own photos or images. You can also insert text and choose from several fonts.

    Printing can be done in four locations

    ·         front

    ·         back

    ·         right sleeve

    ·         Left sleeve

    Our team of professional graphic designers will advise you on the implementation of embroidery so that the final product meets your expectations.

    For more information drop us a mail at:-Sales@graphicsdigitizing.com

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  • ·         Do you need high quality Digital Embroidery Designs in a short time, which will be made exactly according to your specifications?

    ·         Do you want to embody a more sophisticated, multi-color theme that's sophisticated in detail?

    ·         Would you like to buy a full supply of textiles with print or embroidery in maximum quality?

    ·         Do you want your designs to look representative after many years? Digital embroidery is a clear choice for you! This embroidery is particularly suitable for smaller motifs. We are direct producers and not service providers.

    We now support new digital printing technologies for textiles. It is possible to export a 3D realistic preview of embroidery to the printer and use it to print a t-shirt or other textile material. All your graphic works or embroidery previews can now be used without having to process them in another program. Digitized Embroidery Designs are Suitable for smaller print runs.

    Our main activities, such as digital embroidery, screen printing on textiles, textile printing and promotional textiles, are complemented by digital printing. This method is suitable for smaller print runs. It is not necessary to produce sieves, which is an advantage compared to other prints. You can print any 45x60 cm theme.

    We will produce more than just standard embroidery, but also embroidery and textile applications or a combination of embroidery with printing and other technologies.

    We execute your orders in short time intervals, with the highest quality results and all at very reasonable prices.

    All the well-known technology that provides a higher added logo value on more expensive promotional carriers and, if done well, increases the prestige of the product. Digital embroidery focuses on the quality and detail of embroidery.

    If you want your logo or design on the fabric to be unique, just digital embroidery is a great choice. The ad texture suggests that everything has to be the cheapest, but who claims that more complex printing or embroidery is a lot more expensive? Let yourself count other than dozen embroidery or prints.

    If you need a high-quality, long-lasting logo that can be applied to any textile product, even without sewing, then it is just a patch. Digital Embroidery is a great way to distinguish your logo at an affordable price.

    If you are interested in our digitized world then give us a Call on: +1 610-8445960

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